The ARTBLOX Story:

One day, my wife and I were looking through the thousands of pictures on our phones enjoying the memories of fun times with our children, friends and family. We realized that we have so many photos on our phones but, we rarely took the time to look at and enjoy them. We discussed how nobody prints photos anymore and how having different picture frames around the house seemed cluttered and just wasn’t our style. We thought, what if we could print photos and memories to enjoy in a way that elevated them to become more like artworks?

We started to brainstorm and the idea for ARTBLOX was born!

We realized that we could use the high-tech UV printers we use for another business to print high definition photos on any hard surface. We began testing different materials until we decided that Premium wood or acrylic glass blocks were the perfect solutions providing the option to present them free-standing or easily mount them on the wall.

ARTBLOX offers a variety of hand-selected materials to suit any occasion:

• elegant, beautiful, high-grade vertical grain Douglas Fir from California

• modern, stylish, high-quality acrylic glass made in South Carolina

• chic, rustic reclaimed wood from NYC

Each ARTBLOX is hand selected to ensure the highest-quality and ARTBLOX uses special UV ink that doesn’t change color or fade - ensuring that your precious memories will last forever!

ARTBLOX transforms you treasured memories into ART and is a unique concept for customizable presents for every occasion! From weddings, anniversaries and graduations to family photos, holidays and birthdays ARTBLOX turn the memories you cherish into beautiful, personalized gifts that are 100% made in the USA!